HazMasterG3 Ready for Pentagon Shift to Mobile Devices


According to DISA's solicitation, officials want a mobile management framework to support at least 162,500 devices and scale up to 262,500 by the end of the up to three-year contract, though the agency is open to the idea of expanding the mobile device manager to provide service to the entire Defense Department. 

HazMasterG3 is the only comprehensive CBRNE/HME/IED decision aid available today with over 156,000 materials and trade names that supports the Pentagon's shift to Apple's iOS and Android platforms.  Alluviam has invested heavily in bringing our market leading technology to these mobile platforms, and has supported Android and iOS since 2009.  When running on these mobile platforms, soliders have more capabilities at their finger tips, in light weight mobile device with extended battery life, then they traditionally had access to via heavy laptops.

Today, Alluviam's HazMasterG3 is deployed in every major theater of operations within the military, and with every branch of service.  The Army, Marines and SOCOM all have deployed HazMasterG3 to meet urgent operational needs that were unmet by legacy systems.  With its patented technologies, HazMasterG3 has been described by operators as "the closest thing to CSI that we have in real-life."  With tools to predict Home Made Explosive formulation outcomes and yields, along with its one-of-a-kind crater estimation tool, clandestine lab ID, RCIED and many other integrated tools and capabilities, HazMasterG3 delivers critical situational awareness that allow users to prosecute complex scenarios by instantly answering urgent "so what does that mean" questions they can't get answered anywhere else.

About Alluviam LLC
Founded in 2002, Alluviam LLC provides highly mobile, best-of-breed mission critical applications for field use.  We challenge the status quo of what’s expected from a decision support system.  We make operators look really good when and where they need it.  We deliver actionable insights when and where you need it most; whether on your smartphone, laptop or in a net-centric environment.  HazMasterG3®, our flagship product, and its associated patented technologies (Patents 7542991, 7860893 7933879, 8190443 and 8224764) have earned certification by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security as an Approved Product for Homeland Security and is designated as a Qualified Anti-Terrorism Technology (QATT).

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