Alluviam's best of breed solutions

Alluviam provides highly mobile, best-of-breed mission critical solutions for field use. We challenge the status quo of what’s expected from a decision support system. We make operators look really good when and where they really need it; and we deliver actionable insights when and where you need it, whether on your smart-phone, tablet, laptop or in a net-centric environment.


The most advanced and comprehensive mobile HazMat/CBRNE/HME/IED decision aid available - and the only CBRNE/HME/IED decision support system to have earned US DHS certification and designation as an approved anti-terrorism technology. Everything starts with identifying the threat - and no system provides more threat identification capabilities, followed up with accredited response guidance, than HazMasterG3. Deployed with HazMasterG3, in real-time you'll be able to answer tough “so what does that mean” types of questions, providing insights to operational commanders on the spot.


HazMapper delivers street-level plume and tactical threat overlays for HAZMAT/CBRNE/IED incidents in a fast and easy GIS situational awareness tool. Real-time GPS moving map display and drag and drop plume integration from ALOHA or HPAC are now available to first responders. Add information as an incident develops, inputs from other GIS systems, and seamless HazMasterG3 integration, makes this the most comprehensive HAZMAT/CBRNE/IED GIS situational awareness tool available to first responders.


Speakeasy is a versatile phrase translator, built from the ground up to handle phrases; its not a dictionary! Comes with several pre-packaged phrase libraries, including a first responder's phrase library containing close to 100 phrases used by first responders, broken down into various categories and sub-categories, for quick access. Includes Spanish, French, Portuguese, German and Russian phrases.


A proof-of-concept mobile terrorism database. Also highly applicable for gang, drug kingpin task force, or other operations. Contact us for commercialization / CRADA opportunities. Includes the most sophisticated ad-hoc query capabilities found on any hand held system, and links multiple images to a suspect. Rapsheet combines sophisticated database capabilities while maintaining an easy to use interface that was meant to be used by investigative personnel, not highly trained computer specialists. Until now, sophisticated capabilities like these have been limited to office and laptop computers - which can't easily be taken into situations where you're really going to need it. Rapsheet solves this problem, providing instant access to the most common characteristics of a given suspect, from basics such as their age, known aliases, identifying marks, and current indictments. For instance, if you need to know which terrorism suspects have used the alias Abu Fatima, have expertise with explosives, and speak French, Rapsheet can give you the answers - instantly.