For Hazmat / CBRNE Operations

HazMasterG3 is the standard next-generation CBRNE/HME decision support system deployed to all Joint Services chemical units throughout the US Military.  HazMasterG3 was selected after a rigourous requirements analysis and capability assessment performed by JPEO-CBD and validated by third party contractors.  Below are just some of the reasons why HazMasterG3 has replaced legacy systems throughout the US Military, NATO and civilian agencies:

Comprehensive Integrated CBRNE/IED/HME Decision Aid

167,000+ integrated agents make HazMasterG3® the most comprehensive decision aid available. At Alluviam, we’re disrupting the status quo of what’s expected from a decision support system. With 167,000+ materials and trade names, HazMasterG3's core database is much larger than any other comparable legacy decision support system - because you can’t get an answer if you don't have the data.HazMasterG3 delivers actionable insights - when and where you need them, whether on your smartphone, tablet, laptop or net-centric environment. The experts people rely on choose to rely on HazMasterG3.  Not because they were directed to use it or just because everyone else uses it. Because HazMasterG3 makes them look smart when they really need it. By providing the “so what does that mean” insight needed to take action.

Patented Agent Identification Engine

  • ID a broad range of agents via observed physical properties. Physical signature library of 1.5 million+ attributes and a patented decision engine identify unknown materials in under 3 seconds - even on a cell phone. Only HazMasterG3® can answer questions like: which hazardous materials are gases, heavier than air, and are green. No other handheld (or desktop) solution does this for a broad range of agents. Patents 7542991, 7860893 7933879, 8190443, 8224764, other patents pending.

  • ID unknown agents via observed signs and symptoms. Using symptoms observed on-scene, HazMasterG3® can quickly identify the specific agents most likely to cause the observed symptoms, and provide immediate access to all relevant response information. Check out a screen shot below.

  • ID a broad range of dual-use precursors. HazMasterG3® instantly identifies whether or not an agent is a precursor for chemical warfare, explosives, heroin, cocaine or methamphetamine production, along with identifying typical industrial uses and processes where these materials could be found. With precursors for over 32,000 materials and trade names, HazMasterG3® is the most comprehensive precursor identification system available today.

  • ID broad range of consumer product sources. For HME, CWA and narcotics precursors the system provides key insights into consumer product sources of the precursor and the product's composition.

  • ID dual-use precursor outcomes. HazMasterG3® lets you mix an arbitrary number of agents, and predict the most probable precursor and outcomes. Check out a screen shot below.

  • ID chemical reactions. HazMasterG3® allows you to virtually mix agents in the system, and model their chemical reactions and potential gas by-products – even when running on a smart cell phone! Check out a screen shot below. HazMasterG3®

  • HazMat QuickStart Synthesizes a playbook of the most important hazards, PPE advice and initial meter recommendations all on one screen, works hand-in-hand with the patented HazMatIQ system, instantly providing you what you need to know to size up and respond to any HazMat situation.

  • ID BLEVE hazards. The system includes an interactive, comprehensive BLEVE calculator for estimating fireball hazards and evacuation guidance and several other key calculations based on any range of parameters specified by the responder.

  • Heat Stress Calculator. Instantly calculate critical heat stress guidance, for either military or civilian responders based on current weather, workload, personal protective equipment and decontamination assumptions.

  • ID probable home made explosives (HME) and Chemical Warfare Agents (CWA). Virtually mix a set of ingredients and HazMasterG3® instantly indicates probable HME and CWA outcomes.

  • ID Detectors. Only HazMasterG3® can instantly identify which detectors are suitable to identify a broad range of CBRNE agents. Quickly toggle between viewing detectors on hand versus all available detectors.

  • ID isotopes with HazMasterG3®s advanced nuclide identification capability. When used in conjunction with supported survey equipment, HazMasterG3® is the only decision support system that can identify an extremely broad range of radioactive isotopes.

  • ID RCIED Threat Ranges. Use HazMasterG3® includes an integrated RCIED threat-range calculator, to quickly (and graphically), depict threat-ranges associated with a suspected RCIED.

  • ID Decon/neutralization options. Only HazMasterG3® can instantly identify appropriate basic and technical decon and neutralization options for a broad range of CBRN materials.
For detailed specifications and to see if HazMasterG3 can meet or exceed your requirements, please contact us.  We'll be happy to explain why leading civilian, military, intelligence and law-enforcement agencies have replaced their legacy systems with HazMasterG3.

Interested in screen shots? Below are several. HazMasterG3® is the only system that provides full capability and interoperability on all platforms – not a stripped down version:

Full Color Isolation Screen

The above screen shot is an actual display of isolation and protective action zones, as seen on a smart cell phone. Of course, when running laptop computers, desktops or handhelds with larger screen sizes, the above display increases in size to maximize readability on each device.

Signs and Symptoms Identification Screen

The above screen shot is an actual display taken from a mobile device, showing the primary signs and symptoms screen. The top 50 best matching materials, from most to least likely are displayed. HazMasterG3® is the only mobile system that provides this advanced, patented capability.

Mixing Precursors to Model Probable Outcomes Screen

Above is a screen shot that displays mixing an arbitrary number of agents together in order to model dual-use precursor outcomes. HazMasterG3® is the only mobile system that provides this advanced capability

Mixing Agents to Model Reactivity Screen

Above is a screen shot that displays virtually mixing two agents together to model expected reactivity. HazMasterG3® is the only mobile system that provides this advanced capability.

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