Ready-to-run Mobile Solutions

HazMasterG3 excels at answering those really tough “So what does that mean questions”.  With a larger database than any other integrated CBRNE decision support system – and the only one with full capabilities whether running on one of today’s handheld devices (choose from Windows Mobile, Android or iOS), HazMasterG3 provides insight when-and where-you need it. Plus, with full interoperability with HazMasterG3 running on an MS-Windows PC, you can train on the same system in the classroom as deployed in the field.  HazMasterG3 is the first, and only, CBRNE/HME/IED decision support system to support iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, MS-Windows and Linux.  We're the experts at mobile solutions.  With our first PalmOS Based version of HazMasterG3 available since 2003, we've got more experience than any other company at building mobile CBRNE/HME/IED decision support systems.

And, if you're back in an operations center and don't need a handheld solution but could still use HazMasterG3's capabilities, you can even pull up HazMasterG3 within a web browser at any time – without having to load any software locally!