For SSE / Clandestine labs

Comprehensive SSE/ Clandestine Lab Decision Aid

167,000+ integrated agents make HazMasterG3 ® the most comprehensive decision support system available for SSE/Clan labs and forensics. At Alluviam, we’re disrupting the status quo of what’s expected from a decision support system. With 167,000+ materials and trade names, HazMasterG3's core database and advanced analytical capabilities are much larger than any other comparable legacy decision support system - because you can’t get an answer if you don't have the data. From answering questions like "what could be made from these materials?" to "how much product is being made", HazMasterG3 can answer these and many other SSE / Clandestine lab or forensics related questions on the spot.  And if comms are available, this insight can shared with others to better promote a common operating picture for the incident.

Key Capabilities for SSE / Clan Lab Response

  • ID a broad range of dual-use precursors. HazMasterG3® instantly identifies whether or not an agent is a precursor for chemical warfare, explosives, heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine and a range of other narcotics production, along with identifying typical industrial uses and processes where these materials could be found. With precursors for over 32,000 materials and trade names, HazMasterG3® is the most comprehensive precursor identification system available today.

  • ID Clandestine labs. Not sure whether the intent of a clandestine lab is to make explosives, narcotics or biological agents?  Don't worry - HazMasterG3 can assess the materials, equipment, glassware, consumables, chemicals etc. found in a lab to assess just what is the intended purpose of the lab.
  • ID dual-use precursor outcomes. HazMasterG3® lets you mix any number of agents, and predict the most likely outcomes, and constituent key and even substitute ingredients.

  • ID broad range of agents via observed physical properties. Physical signature library of 1.5 million+ attributes and a patented decision engine identify unknown materials in under 3 seconds - even on a cell phone. Only HazMasterG3® can answer questions like: which hazardous materials are gases, heavier than air, and are green. No other handheld (or desktop) solution does this for a broad range of agents. Patents 7542991, 7860893 7933879, 8190443, 8224764, other patents pending.

  • ID unknown agents via observed signs and symptoms. Using symptoms observed on-scene, HazMasterG3® can quickly identify the specific agents most likely to cause the observed symptoms, and provide immediate access to all relevant response information.
  • ID chemical reactions. HazMasterG3® allows you to virtually mix agents in the system, and model their chemical reactions and potential gas by-products – even when running on a smart cell phone!
  • ID probable home made explosives (HME) and Chemical Warfare Agent (CWA) formulations. Virtually mix a set of ingredients and HazMasterG3® instantly indicates probable HME and CWA outcomes, key ingredients, likely substitute ingredients and production yields.

  • ID Detectors. Only HazMasterG3® can instantly identify which detectors are suitable to identify a broad range of CBRNE agents. Quickly toggle between viewing detectors on hand versus all available detectors.

  • ID Decon/neutralization options. Only HazMasterG3® can instantly identify which decon/neutralization options are applicable for a given CBRN material, including opioids such as fentanyl.

Additional Specifications

  • Includes agent specific chemical protective clothing recommendations and permeation times.
  • Exploit seized materials to identify threats in 7 high-priority non-romantic languages, or even by chemical formulas.
  • Stumble across ordnance at a lab, not a problem.  HazMasterG3 includes ordnance ID capabilities for 5,000+ pieces of military ordnance.
  • Heat stress calculators for civilian/military scenarios for calculating work, rest and hydration requirements when working in hot / humid environments.
  • Train once, deploy anywhere (smart cell phones, handhelds, vehicle mount configurations (supports extra large fonts, icons and graphics for in-route operations), laptops or desktops, or even in a web browser).
  • Customizable to meet your specific requirements – easy to add your own SOPs, forms, and checklists, or import existing ones from legacy applications.
  • Customizable reporting capabilities allows reports of a material's hazards to be emailed, printed or sent to other applications – like Microsoft Word.
  • Load and share pre-plans from libraries of existing pre-plans, or customize them for your own scenarios and share them with other users via wired or wireless communications.
  • Search by material name, chemical formula, trade name/synonym, CAS, UN/NA, Guide section or even phonetically.
  • Browse materials by name, CAS or UN/NA number.
  • Online, context-sensitive help.
  • Integrated glossary of specialized terminology.

HazMasterG3® is the only system of its type that provides full capability and interoperability on all platforms, no internet access required – from smart-phones to desktops, and has been certified and designated by DHS as an approved anti-terrorism technology.