HazMapper Specifications

Real-time Geographical Situational-awareness of CBRNE threats on GPS maps with incident overlays

HazMapper aids emergency personnel in critical situations involving dangerous chemical releases, improvised explosive devices, radiological releases or nuclear devices by delivering on-scene, street-level geographic situational awareness and drag and drop ALOHA or HPAC plume displays.

HazMapper Mapping Features

  • Street level data for the entire United States

  • Drag and drop overlay of ALOHA or HPAC plumes

  • Hands free moving map capability keeping the user centered on the map as they move

  • Ability to load industry standard GIS overlays, providing access to vast GIS data resources

  • Rapid zooming with dedicated zoom buttons

  • Dynamic panning

  • Ability to save and re-load incident and map views on-demand

  • Department/organization specific overlays available (fire hydrants, man-hole covers, hi-priority facilities) etc.







Map Markup

  • Add threat rings (or overlay them dynamically from HazMasterG3®), ALOHA or HPAC plumes

  • Draw custom shapes on the map including polygons, rectangles, circles, ellipses, lines, and text

  • Add text to annotate the incident

  • Control line type, fill color of custom, incident/site specific overlays

Share Information

  • Save HazMapper incident files which contain all incident specific overlay information, GIS overlay information from ESRI and other industry-standard GIS systems, along with an Incident commander's incident-specific overlays and views of the incident as it unfolds.

  • Share real-time incident specific maps and overlays with others throughout the chain of command - whether remote or local.


HazMapper is tightly integrated with Alluviam's flagship product, HazMasterG3® HazMat / CBRNE / IED decision support software. HazMasterG3® delivers critical response guidance for 165,000+ chemical agents (TICs, TIMs, CW agents), bio-weapon and bio-terror agents, includes the most advanced improvised explosive device capability available today, and nearly 4X more radioactive isotopes as other legacy systems. Most importantly, HazMasterG3® provides the broadest range of critical threat-identification capabilities of any system available - critical for planning and responding to today's terrorism threats. HazMapper automatically displays HazMasterG3® isolation and evacuation distances for incidents involving chemical, radiological, improvised explosive devices (IEDs) and improvised nuclear devices (INDs) along with ALOHA or HPAC plumes as overlays on HazMapper's street-level incident maps.