Alluviam Earns New Patent for Identification of Home Made Explosives (HME)


The US Patent and Trademark Office granted today Alluviam’s second patent for the identification of home made explosives (HME), narcotics and improvised chemical warfare agents (CWA).  Reinforcing Alluviam’s position as a thought-leader in the analytical identification of HME and other controlled substances like chemical warfare agents and narcotics, the technology behind this invention is embedded in our flagship decision support package, HazMasterG3.  One of many things that sets HazMasterG3 apart is that while traditional tools, techniques and scientific methods may identify precursors for the production of controlled substances, or the actual finished product, one big question that this invention answers is what is being made from a set of ingredients found in a chemical cache or suspicious facility when there is no finished product.  With HazMasterG3’s patented technology, a user can virtually combine the ingredients found in a facility and instantly model which HME, CWA or narcotic is most likely being made, along with how much is being made.  HazMasterG3 is the only technology available that instantly answers these key questions.  Integrated with a vast database of over 165,000 materials and trade names, HazMasterG3 has been adopted by the US Military, law enforcement and hazardous materials response teams worldwide.  NATO has also standardized on HazMasterG3 as a part of its advanced HME training curricula.  HazMasterG3 is also the only technology of its kind that has earned US DHS certification and designation as an approved anti-terrorism technology.  HazMasterG3 is available today, and runs with full capabilities on a range of platforms, from Windows computers, to Android and Apple’s iOS devices.

About Alluviam LLC

Founded in 2002, Alluviam LLC provides highly mobile, best-of-breed mission critical applications for field use.  We challenge the status quo of what’s expected from a decision support system.  We make operators look really good when and where they need it by delivering actionable insights, whether on a smartphone, laptop or a web browser.  HazMasterG3®, our flagship product, and its associated patented technologies have earned certification by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security as an Approved Product for Homeland Security and is designated as a Qualified Anti-Terrorism Technology (QATT).


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