Army's 20th CBRNE Commander, Brig. Gen. King Visits NATO EOD Centre


Brig. Gen. William E. King IV, commander, 20th Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, Explosives Command (CBRNE), visited key NATO training facilities in February that focus on the unique training required to recognize and defeat CBRNE and Home Made Explosive (HME) threats.

"There is a need for training areas mimicking a complex battlefield where these threats are involved," said King.  In fact, the need is significant, and it starts with the ability to identify improvised labs and plants involved with the production of CBRNE and HME materials.

In the Slovak Republic, King visited the only live chemical agent training facility in Europe at the National Centre EOD and CBRN in Zemianske Kostol’any. The Centre offers EOD and CBRN courses and training opportunities in a realistic outdoor environment.  Alluviam is proud to support the EOD Centre of Excellence with HazMasterG3, one of the tools that students are issued and trained on during the week long Advanced HME Identification, Processing and Disposal course taught at the Centre.  HazMasterG3 has been part of the ongoing training curricula since the course's inception by NATO.

"I see fantastic future training opportunities for our CBRNE Soldiers as well as opportunities to share information in this very specialized threat area. This center also provides a great opportunity for our NCOs and officers to gain exposure to the Joint and NATO environments for training and interoperability," King noted.

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