HazMasterG3 Version 20 Software Release Now Available

Alluviam is pleased to announce that HazMasterG3 Version 20 has been released today and is available at alluviam.com at no cost to registered users with valid support plans.  This release adds the following capabilities:

  • Enhanced the way CAS# searches return results.  When one CAS# is associated with more than one material (such as an anhydrous liquid, and various strength solutions), the most concentrated material will return first in the list of matching results, e.g. ammonia, anhydrous would appear first, followed by other, lower concentrations of ammonia.
  • Added many new glossary terms, and reorganized for better navigation and filtering of desired terms
  • On platforms where local storage for G3Assets may not be readily available, if the system can't find requested reference images on the local file system, we will automatically try via the cloud.
  • Placards have been updated to latest standards, including primary and secondary hazards and GHS placards.
  • Added support for Tom Gersbeck's 5-Step Ordnance Identification method, as spelled out in his book Practical Military Ordnance Identification.
  • Integrated nearly 200 Former Warsaw Pact Munitions, provided by NATO, into the Ordnance database.
  • Added additional Ordnance reference photos for select items.
  • Due to changes outside our control regarding US DHS's TripWire system, integrated Reach-Back access to TripWire has been removed from HazMasterG3.
  • Major update of chemical data - updated over 10,000 fields, revised mixture algorithms to latest / best available consensus guidance, and made many other internal data updates - no user interface changes required for this data update.
  • Updated Hazmat QuickStart with refined PPE guidance.
  • AEGLs and PACs updated to latest 2016 revisions, and will be displayed as appropriate on Hazard Overview.
  • PACs are now prioritized over IDLHs on Hazmat Quick Start, except where IDLH includs an LEL advisory.
  • Searches via chemical formulas now have more intellgience behind them, returning better results in a range of scenarios.
  • Tier2 preplans have been updated, better supporting current plans, and those going back through 2002.  They've also been expanded, supporting up to 300 facilities per plan, and cross-platform interoperability has also been improved.  The T2DBM free companion software has also been updated to support new Tier2 plans.
  • Updated Emergency Response Guide (ERG) to ERG 2016 version.
  • Added ThermoFisher Gemini's detector to the Detector Wizard.

For more details, read the ReleaseNotes packaged with the Version 20 download for your platform.  Remember, you need to log on to the alluviam.com website with your appropriate credentials in order to access the downloads, found under the Support menu on the site.