HazMasterG3 Version 21 Software Release Now Available

Alluviam is pleased to announce that HazMasterG3 Version 21 has been released and is available for download at alluviam.com at no cost to registered users with valid support plans.  This release adds the following capabilities:

  • For a broad range of CBRN materials and tradenames (15,000+), added both advanced and basic decontamination guidance.  Available under the Choose View... option for the currently selected material.
  • Added a flexible Report Browser, which allows previously created reports in HazMasterG3 to be reviewed, emailed, deleted or (depending on platform) printed.  Particularly useful on iOS.
  • On iOS devices, G3Reports can now be dragged/dropped to/from the device using iTunes.
  • Enhanced Ordnance ID with addition of several hundred new ordnance photos and related technical data for additional former warsaw pact munitions.
  • Added around a dozen additional disposal explosives, updated explosive densities and RE factors, based on various agencies latest additions.
  • Added ability to put ID'ed ordnance into a virtual "shopping cart" for later addition into a disposal shot.
  • Added ability to turn HME/CWA weighting for formulation outcomes on or off (see new option when displaying HME outcomes.  "Likely Outcomes" no longer weighs the results.  The (new) second option called "Weighted outcomes" now weights outcomes and is the default option.
  • Updated civilian outdoor/building evacuation distances and calculations for IED scenarios to meet latest guidance.
  • On Mix Tab, added ability to directly link back from an HME/CWA formulation (or its component ingredients) back to chemical response information on the Search Tab automatically (without having to re-enter anything).
  • Improved photo for 50-LB, MK-III demolition bomb.
  • Additional photos for MK 25 signal flare.
  • Additional RTECS information has been added to this release of HazMasterG3 (roughly 1000 additional).
  • Slightly revised Quick Start guidance for CWAs to better reflect 3/30 Turnout with SCBA guidance.
  • Fixed a minor issue relating to several chemical's Military Exposure Guidelines that were missing values.
  • Made some subtle tweaks to better handle a few formula special case scenarios.
  • Updated Honeywell/RAE PID correction factors to latest November, 2016 release guidance.
  • Extended guidance on a range of opiods, to provide leading guidance to help combat the opiod epidemic.
  • Updated Acute Radiation Exposure signs and symptoms based on latest DHS December, 2016 guidance.
  • Updated radiation treatment recommendations per DHS December, 2016 guidance, as appropriate.
  • Updated Improvised Nuclear Device fatality estimates, and added additional Australian cities.
  • Updated symptoms for Norwalk disease (Norovirus).

For more details, read the ReleaseNotes packaged with the Version 21 download for your platform.  Remember, you need to log on to the alluviam.com website with your appropriate credentials in order to access the downloads, found under the Support menu on the site.